Setting Up a Custom CDN URL

Infinite Uploads business plans allow you to customize the CDN URL of all your connect websites. Customizing your CDN URL improves professionalism and trust with brand recognition, performance, SEO and domain authority, and makes your site easier to scale or move to a new CDN.

Finding Your CDN URL

Your Infinite Uploads CDN URL will be automatically generated. In this section, we will explain how to locate your CDN URL in the WordPress dashboard or on

Find Your CDN in the WordPress Dashboard

If your site is already connected to Infinite Uploads, you can view your CDN URL in your site's WordPress dashboard under the Media > Infinite Uploads tab in the Account & Settings module.

Infinite Uploads Automatically Generated CDN URLs Look Like This:


Locating Your CDN URL On Infinite Uploads

You can navigate directly to the CDN URL editor on the Infinite Uploads website. Log into your account and in the Sites tab, select the website you would like to visit. Now scroll to Custom CDN Domain.

Here you will see your current domain name and are able to customize your CDN URL.

Create Subdomain and CNAME Record

Creating a subdomain of your existing URL is easy and free but requires access to your DNS records. This can be with your domain registrar or a provider like Cloudflare.

In this document we will provide you basic instructions and explore a few popular providers. If you need assistance finding where to add a DNS record with your current provider, contact your domain provider for assistance.

Choose a Subdomain Name

Your media library subdomain can be anything you like but we recommend something short and that represents what it is. Popular subdomain options include things like: 


This is the url your media will show from.

Creating a CNAME Record

Once you navigate to the DNS record manger for your provider. Choose the option to create a New Record.

  1. For record type select CNAME.
  2. In the Name field type the one word that will appear before your domain (ie. media, cdn).
  3. Paste or type the Infinite Uploads auto generated CDN URL into the Target field. This is the URL that was created when you connected the site.
  4. And click Save to create the record.
  5. Your record should appear immediately but it may take up to 48 hours for the record to propagate
While the title names may very slightly, this process will be basically the same for all DNS managers. Don't hesitate to ask for help from our support team if you have any questions.

Changing to Your Custom Domain Name

With your subdomain name created go to Select the site and scroll down to  the Custom CDN Domain module. Paste in your new domain and click the Save button. That's it!

Any files located in your media library should automatically update and the files on your site should now be served from the new URL.

Troubleshooting and Verification

If you get this error after creating a CNAME record

We don't yet see a CNAME record for this subdomain. If you have just created it for, please wait up to 24 hours for it to propagate, then try again.

Be patient as your new CNAME record could take some time to propagate.

How do I verify it is working?

  1. Check the media library - Go to Media > Library and click on an existing file to open the Attachment detail module. Check the File URL is using the Infinite Uploads url assigned to your media library. It will look something like
  2. Check with inspect tools - You can also visit the front end of your site, right click on any of your media files, and select inspect. This will display what url your file is being served from.

Clear Your Cache

If everything is connected correctly and you are still not seeing your custom domain be sure and clear your cache including:

  1. server-side object cache
  2. page cache
  3. browser caching

Any other steps I can take?

If it is still showing the old URL, refreshing the API connection will recheck and update the URL. To refresh your API connection, from the Infinite Uploads tab in your sites WordPress Dashboard, click the spinner Icon next to the last updated time stamp located in the top of the Accounts & Settings module. When the refresh is complete a new time stamp will display letting you know the API connection has been updated.

Still having trouble?

Need help customizing the Infinite Uploads CDN URL or have questions? Submit a support request and a member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours. If you encounter a problem we would love the opportunity to resolve any issues with the quick connect process. Create a ticket at

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