Disconnecting, Deactivating, or Deleting the Plugin

When using the Infinite Uploads plugin on your site, any newly added media will be synced only to our cloud, and will not be present on your host. Also if you have used the delete local files option to free up local storage space, then all your media will exist only in the cloud.

Because of this, when you want to stop using our services it is extremely important to properly disconnect the Infinite Uploads plugin before deleting or deactivating it on your site to avoid missing media on your site (404s), and even permanent data loss after you've canceled your plan and your files are scheduled for deletion. We will notify you by email multiple times with these instructions after you cancel your plan before deleting any of your data. Additionally, the plugin attempts to prevent you from deactivating or deleting it until you perform the disconnect step.

If you would like to disconnect, just click the disconnect & delete button in the plugin setting on each of your sites. This will sync any missing files back to your site and Infinite Uploads will disconnect. After this you will now be allowed to deactivate & delete the plugin in the WordPress dashboard.


If you have any issues disconnecting your sites, please reach out by creating a support ticket and we will help you out!

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