Slow Media Uploads

Why does it take a little longer to upload media to the WordPress library?

Unfortunately this is an unavoidable trade off to some extent due to the latency of syncing files to the cloud. You can read all about this and the efforts we’ve put in to optimize this as much as possible here:

However, there are a few things to check to avoid as much latency as possible:

  • Are you are using the storage region closest to your hosting server? Choosing the storage region closest to your hosting providers servers will give the lowest latency possible when interacting with cloud storage. If you have already connected your site, you will have to disconnect then reconnect as a new site and sync again to change the region.
  • Are you using a plugin that processes the file in some way during the upload process? This is common with things like image optimization plugins that can add a lot more processing time to uploads.

If you need to do a one time import of a large number of media files and have access to WP CLI, there is a workaround that can speed things up:

  1. Temporarily disable cloud syncing and url rewriting: wp infinite-uploads disable
  2. Upload/import your media attachments into WordPress
  3. Run a fresh sync of the new files to the cloud: wp infinite-uploads sync

  4. Enable cloud syncing and url rewriting again: wp infinite-uploads enable

If you do not need your media to be imported as attachments in WordPress, then you can bypass WP entirely and upload data directly to your cloud storage, and reference or embed links to files in your content directly.

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