Fixing "To many server errors" Sync Issue

In some cases while performing the initial sync to Infinite Uploads you may get this message: Too many server errors. Please try again.

What this usually is caused by is timeouts or slowness with your server while performing the sync, related to the power and settings of your hosting provider. If the processing loop encounters too many errors in a row it may quit the sync. When this happens it's safe if this happens to simply try to restart the sync, and it will continue where it left off.

If this continues to happen over and over and prevents you from completing the sync then there are a few options you can try:

  • Sync via WP CLI if that tool is made available via your hosting provider. This is the fastest, most efficient, and error free way to sync your media library to our cloud.
  • There are some advanced settings changes you can add to your wp-config.php file to slow down the sync and make it less likely to cause issues with your host. You may need to play around with these values.
    • If running into an "Too many open files" error in your PHP error log, try setting these (default 15/5): 
    • If running into timeouts (504/503), try setting these (default 1000/5MB): 
      • define( 'INFINITE_UPLOADS_SYNC_PER_LOOP', 500 );
        define( 'INFINITE_UPLOADS_SYNC_MAX_BYTES', 2097152 );

Of course our support team is ready and waiting to help walk you through this if you have any questions! Just open a ticket.

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